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All About Me - ME ME ME!

I used to DJ at the school discos back in the days of High School when CD was a bit of a novelty, as it was vinyl and cassettes I was stuck with.  It was in my 5th year of school (1995) when myself and friend James MacDonald came up with the idea of touring local venues, and by 1997 I had.

The company officially began when I bought over the Apollo Roadshow in November 1999, and renamed it Xplosive Discos and Entertainments - a big investment at the time but it was making enough for me to give up my assistant manager's job at the local Coop.  From there it just became bigger and better, with more bookings taken each month.  18 years on and Xplosive Entertainments has grown to what it is today - more services to offer, more staff to help deal with the demand, and a better quality of service!

Part of the service Xplosive Entertainments provides, is repair and maintenance of lighting and sound equipment in various pubs and clubs.  It was one afternoon repairing equipment for a small nightclub named Bex Bar that started my DJ career in the club scene.  Until then I had only been a disco DJ, but having to cover for one of my good friends while he was ill, really only because I was in the right place at the right time I suppose, was where it all began.

In addition to running my own business, I have been DJ in many venues all over the UK and have held a resident DJ position in various nightclubs and bars including some to name a few; Bex Bar, Chilli Palmers Cafe Bar, The Gate, The Nile, Mr G's Nightclub, The Yard, Franklyn's Nightclub, The Dome, Cactus Jaks Coyote Bar, Bakoo Nightclub, Charlies Nightclub, The Rig, and The Picture House.


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A Little More About Me...

Age: 35

Nationality: Scottish

DJ Style: Club DJ, Personality DJ, Mixing (will also play party games)

Preferred Media: Vinyl or CD (although I have used variable pitch MD and MP3 too)

Music Style: House, Funky House, Hard House, Commercial Dance, and almost anything depending on the type of night! 

Favourite Tunes: Almost anything from the 80's or early 90's

Favourite Person/Idol: Chris Moyles

Mailing Lists: The White Disc, CD Pool, DMC, Neo, DJintheMix, Music2Mix

Chart Returns: The White Disc, CD Pool, Music Week, DJ, Mixmag, Muzik, Ministry, Music2Mix, UDM

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